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Commonly used python libraries

I did a good practice as python beginner. Now I like work with python libraries. There are plenty of them. I like to learn one at a time. Which are commonly used python libraries in sololearn? Which commonly used python libraries are not available in sololearn? Thank you.

7/31/2020 5:30:38 PM


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Wonder if you shouldn’t reconsider your strategy to ”learn one at a time”. It sounds time consuming and maybe contains more areas then you will find useful. Maybe an orientation of them is enough to start with, and learn more deep about them when you need to use them. But of course that just my thoughts. /Regards Per B


Thanks Per Bratthammar . Yeh orientation would be nice So that I can know what is a available in little more detail than dir() or help() provides. I like collections library's .namedtuple. and counter methods and looking for more things from python libs.


I would suggest you to start learning the libraries under SciPy (NumPy , Pandas, and Matplotlib) which are used for data science and analysis.


I recommend the Python Data Science and Maschine Learning courses in sololearn - there you get short introductions into numpy pandas, matplotlib etc