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So am I just dumb, or That I don’t understand the whole color/RGB thing. Can someone explain please.

7/29/2020 1:20:23 PM


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Kay Red Green and Blue for Technicolor are used for screens worldwide. More on Technicolor at:,its%20saturated%20levels%20of%20colour.&text=The%20process%20involved%20capturing%20the,individual%20black%20and%20white%20negatives. This transfered over into the Cathrode Ray Tubes of the 70s & 80s and beyond. The red, green,blue became a standard in almost all screens globally and has remained.


See this:,-Additive%20color%20mixing&text=To%20form%20a%20color%20with,reflection%20from%20a%20white%20screen).