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Picture not seen but why

<img src="/storage/emulated/0/i/bayzed.jpg">

7/27/2020 6:11:26 PM


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Mdmasum actually you can access your local images but only you can see it. just add file:// at start of your link But if u want everyone one to see the image use imgbb.com or dropbox.


You can't access image from your local file system that way on sololearn ,you need to upload the image on a cloud storage such as dropbox or upload it online and get the url


<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head><title>picture use</title></head> <body> <img src="/storage/emulated/0/i/bayzed.jpg"/> </body> </html>


If you have chrome download photo go to download click on image when it open long press on its name it will acurately copy your image path. [Tested and verified] Basically you are using your local storage img file. If you will put in code only you can see it and only on the same device no one else can see that image.


You have to get the image url from a web browser