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Code coach problems

If you attempt to solve a code coach problem, then pass the visible first 2 ones but fail the remaining hidden ones. How do you target this problem ?

7/26/2020 12:29:46 PM


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you have to think about all the different outside cases. In the real world, you need to make sure you plan for certain extreme events even though they may rarely occur


Think about the logic of your code, especially the output must match the requirements.


In which problem are you facing it. Also post your code so that we can help.


Thanks to everyone who contributed, so grateful. Finally got it.


Military time, please check the code


whwn i enter: 2:43 AM the output is: 2:43 #it should be 02:43 XX:XX <---needs to be in that form


Your code generates error for inputs from 12:00 PM to 12:59 PM Also for x:xx PM it generates error But for xx:xx PM it works fine Take a look on how you handled those inputs


Okay I will do that