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React ---> React Native !

Hi, I know that something like react native exists with which we are able to creaty Native apps for Android/IOS/what are other OS🤔.....Anyway... So , If I create some kindof WebApp using 'React'. Then ⚫ Is it possible to create native app from thar WebApp or I have to start from Scratch to create a native app ? ⚫If we can , What effort and resources it would take to transform that WebApp into a native app using React Native ?

7/23/2020 3:47:48 AM

Monkey D. Luffy

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See ReactJs and React Native are two different libraries. There's no way u can automatically convert a ReactJs code to React Native. However there's one way around which is literally not converting instead showing a web app in Android WebView. Consider it like a <iframe> where u can just insert the URL of your web app. 😅 Ofcourse it will not feel like a app rather we are just displaying a website embedded in it 😅


For sure there is no way to actually convert React to React Native other than writing code.


React Native Web is used for building webApp too


You can reuse some of react code in native too


Thanks, 🔫 Rick Grimes Aakaanksha 💕 So, That means i have to write code from scratch to make native analog of webapp. Right ?