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What should I start with to become a QA Engineer?

7/17/2020 11:48:00 AM


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I would recommend learning a bit of C++, or you could go with something more straightforward related to game development like Unity. Besides that, yo wold need to learn about how QA is done. Start reading about Use cases, how and what to test on different kind of softwares, how to write a report on findings, HW to document the tests made. I worked a short time in QA and, depending on the job, you might not see a lot of code, at leas at first, you are more likely to be given a software built to test how it reactions to certain actions, see it works as expected, it handles data the right way, doesn't lack validations for type of data requested, and that kind of stuff.


Gaming and Software


Software is quite too unspecific... Gaming: All C* (best to start in the order it was released), OS-related topics, graphics libraries, network.


In which industry? Automation or something different?