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AngularJs or reactJs

I know js basics and i wanna go for a framework I heard alot of different opinions about those frameworks What can u recommend for me !

7/14/2020 10:24:59 PM

Mossab Yassir Lafrimi

2 Answers

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Between AngularJS and ReactJS, I recommend ReactJS. ReactJS is simpler than AngularJS which will be important when you just know the basics of JavaScript. Client-side web frameworks get overwhelmingly complicated and hard to learn so don't start with AngularJS. You could start with Sololearn's course on React + Redux( ) and then start making a web application with it. You'll need to learn lots more to use it practically but all answers are available online.


@Josh Greig is absolutely true. React + Redux from Sololearn is a good choice to start.