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Front-end or back-end?

Which is better to learn first.?

7/12/2020 1:30:40 AM

Akuminla Aier

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Front-end first, then on to back-end gradually. But it's okay if you want to learn both ends bit by bit. Just don't rush things up 👌


That's totally depends on your interest that whether you want to develop beautiful and interactive front-end user interfaces or you want to play with back-end technologies in order to make it more robust and secure. Front-end basically deals with language like HTML, CSS and JS. Then if you want to dig deeper their are various frameworks of JavaScript that you can learn like Angular, Node, Coffee etc. Back-end basically deals with database structure of your website that how the data flow is taking place on the server end. It deals with languages like PHP, MySQL, MongoDB etc. Well In my suggestion any person who is going to involve in this field have to learn some basics of front-end development and back-end development. Then further on you will be able to identify the technologies you want to work on. So start with… HTML -> CSS -> JS -> Then move to back-end and learn about PHP and MySQL Thanks for your question and happy coding.