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Sololearn : sugestion for improvement

When I read a comment sometimes I'd like to save it and even if I could copy/paste it it would help tremendously if I could just "share" it on my phone to email or a text app or anything, not link to sololearn but the message itself (it'd be great if you add the link before the text too). I'd like the same for the entire thread and for code in playground too, to send it to my computer so I can play with it. It would be also great if I could somehow "favorite" an answer or a thread Thank you.

3/1/2017 10:59:14 AM

Eduard Alexandru

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there is a favorite thread button, it's the star under your post. and sharing to another app requires too much coordination with too many services. copy and pasting, or a link just works fine imo. and to have code on your computer, all it takes is opening up sololearn on your pc on a browser, then copy pasting into an ide


@Ed not many people use email in that way I think. I don't think it's something they should develop. I can maybe see the appeal of having a small section in the app that has favorite codes and comments, hopefully for learning "reference" reasons (although I imagine they'll just do it for entertaining things). If they have anything like you said, it should be that. if they really set up an email bot, I wonder if you could set up your own so that it asks them to email every post until it crashes. I agree with you on the 'not scrolling to comment' thing. also i could post anything and get upvotes so don't feel too bad


@Ahri Fox, I asked if they could add a the possibility of sharing a comment, a thread, a code as the text that it is, not a link. The standard android share action where you can choose where to share it to, where you can choose any app in your phone.


Actually is not that hard, have look at android programming, creating an intent for sharing. People delete posts and comments all the time and even if that wasn't the case, having them in email allows me to organise however I want. I know I could use copy/paste, open gmail, then send an email to myself, etc, but what I'm asking here is a little simplicity and comfort, if possible. You can't favourite individual comments in posts. Even in the notifications when you click on them sololearn won't take you to the comment in question but will only open the thread for you and you have to look for that comment youself (haven't you noticed that?). Lastly, I'm amazed how many people agree with you considering you add nothing new, constructive or usefull to this proposal and I'm a little disappointed that my post wasn't clear enough to explain what I wanted.