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Unity Problem

Can someone help me out, somehow i can not output in unity,not even a single hello world is printing. I have reinstalled unity 5 times already and so did with visual studio,but still not working.

7/10/2020 6:50:57 AM

Shabbir Khozema

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If you are trying to get the output in Unity: It's unlikely reinstalling will be of any help. You may be doing something incorrectly. Use: Debug.Log ("Text"); To print to Unity's console. Also assure there are no errors in your script and that the script is actually running. Place an object into the scene, a script on the object, then add the log line of code into either the Start or Update methods. Also double check to make sure you never accidentally clicked one of those 'hide output' buttons located at the top of the text area in the output console. If you are trying to get the output in visual studio: - I'm going to assume you have already setup visual studio with Unity. You may need to link your visual studio console to Unity. From stack overflow, try: Visual Studio: DEBUG/Attach to Process. and select your Unity.exe from list Hopefully this answer isn't to outdated though https://answers.unity.com/questions/899230/getting-debuglog-to-work-in-visual-studio.html Hope it helps.


Can you please share some more information like image of your output, and your code.


1 you need to create a script and attach it to the active scene object! 2 The name of the script must match the name of the class in the script; 3 write "print (" hello world ");" in Update without quotes, run in unity and open the console


You probably used Console.Write like me before knowing that is done with Debug.Log I guess 😁, Rrestoring faith answer helps a lot.