How to solve problems of code coaches . I am begineer and I am facing difficulty in these problems. . how To deal with . | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


How to solve problems of code coaches . I am begineer and I am facing difficulty in these problems. . how To deal with .

7/4/2020 2:03:39 PM

Suchi Pragya

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U can create flow charts, algorithm, calculations required, formulae used and then build code.


You can get help from community by showing your attempt and ask in same way in this section, by specifying what difficulty you are facing... So some one from community try help you solve any problems... Happy coding.. Good luck......


Suchi Pragya Codecoach problems are good to practice logic thinking. It does not require deep lnowledge of the language syntax: to solve most problems, ot is useful to know those points: - read a string from input - convert (parse) string to number(integer) - convert characters to integer, or integer to character - write result to output - create a list or an array - read characters from a string, - find character position in a string or in a list of characters. - loop through elements of a list, array, or range until a condition is met. Try solving the problem logically first, and then see how you can translate the solution on a programming language. Happy coding!


Learn the basics of programming first, after that try to visualise your problem before writing code, you can use flowcharts, pseudo code for this purpose and then try different ways of solving that problem. Thank you


Suchi Pragya Then try building your own small projects, it helps a lot in improving implementation, understanding and problem solving skills.


Suchi Pragya actually those all code coaches are can be able to solve by basics only.. Only you need to find the logic.. Yes.. Different levels.. Start with easy level problems...


Start with the tasks with 10XP. Subdivide a task to smaller subtasks i.e. data input, logic for the solution (also split to smaller blocks), data output etc. Often practice sketching the solution before you start writing code.


You can have a white board to plan before starting code , this will reduce error and you probably knows what to next


Thank u


Level of questions are different from that of basics..


First, try easy level, then go to normal, until you get to hard level. Mostly Easy level problems have hint to inside (comments) to help you.


I have learnt the basics


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