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Is only python learning enough for data science?

6/30/2020 5:03:04 PM


6 Answers

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It actully depends on the need & target of yours. If you are working with python then you must know that we have to do a lot of things to update a database, and it takes a lot time also. On the contrary, language like SQL are especially made to make this one job that is “Data Management”. Python is used as data management language in only games but Sql is used everywhere as a data management language. The software & the web application that carry a lot of users related data use sql. Then decided, what you need?


Hey Kripa Ryan Here First Of All Python Is Not A Small Language Just Because It’s Syntax Free It Doesn’t Means It Is Easy Because We Have Alot Of Builtin And Third Party Packages,Libraries,modules In this And If You Done With Basic Part Of Python Then Practice Number Of Question Then Switch To Data Structures And Algorithms Then After Enter In Data Science.


I think you need to learn advanced python.


Though python is mainly used for data science there are other languages such as R which fabulous when it comes to data management. If you aim using python you should know about NumPy and pandas because they'll make your life easier