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Policy for Taking Someone Else’s Code

So there was this guy who made a challenge, and I posted my code there. He upvoted it, and that’s all he did. A while later I found out that he posed a question about “his” code, which I later found was stolen from me, except that he changed the variable names and 1 data structure type. He mentioned my name - that’s good. But, he did not ask for my permission, and not even a positive remark about that. When I wrote a comment on his code about this, he told me to stay away because I “hindered” his learning. In the end, he also blocked me. Not going to mention his name, just scroll through my codes and you’ll find out who he is. This isn’t a big issue for me as the code I wrote wasn’t too fancy or anything. But, is this a reasonable thing to be concerned about? Is this kind of behaviour allowed in this community? Edit: I forgot to mention that my concern was based on the premise that his code was public. Now, it seems that he has made his code private. So I have nothing else against that. Still pissed a little, but whatever. Thank you to those who replied.

6/30/2020 9:26:56 AM

Bobby Fischer

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You can and should report plagiarism with the link below. For an example how to refer to others code, please take a look in any of those "#number-#name" projects in my codes list. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/524028/?ref=app


Hello Bobby Fischer It is your right to be concerned. A copy is okay when you leave it private. But if you share it you have to give credits.to the original author and you ask the author before doing this. Next time you can report the code or you can contact us. The code you are talking about is private now and has credits. So it should be fine. But I guess the user did it after you contacted him.


Denise Roßberg Thank you for your concern. That is exactly what I have in mind. The code in question was still public after I posted my comment. Then, he blocked me, so I made this post.


Sandra Meyer Thank you for the link, I know the existence of that thread. But, the point of this post is to verify if such action is allowable before proceeding to taking this to the mods. Besides, I am blocked by the user so I am not able to post the link to his code there.


Subjective: Mentioning you as author is sufficient from my point of view.


If he mentioned you as author and in fact modified the code too. I think he is just using it for learning purpose. Nothing to be mad at I think


Bobby Fischer Lol I even replied to tye question


Kuba Siekierzyński I also found such a thing and reported it to HonFu .