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Error trying printing a graph C++.

I'm trying to print a graph with a toString() function, where basically the graph is a vector<Edge *>. My idea is to iterate in each element and print its element as a string. But is not working... Here is the code. The error I'm getting is this: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' what(): std::bad_alloc Aborted (core dumped) And using a sanitize, it points to the lines 84 and 106. I have the feeling that maybe I can solve it if I allocate memory dynamically, but in this point I'm not sure if that is the solution (and what element I should allocate). I don't know what to do to solve the problem.

6/26/2020 1:19:54 AM

Eduardo Perez Regin

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As far as I can see the problem is in insertEdge where you are creating the nodes and edges on the stack and then add them to a vector. Upon leaving the function the objects are destroyed but they are still in the vector. You'll have to allocate memory dynamically there.


Dennis that's the answer, sometimes I have some difficulty to know when allocate memory dynamically, this is the case where I should do that and I did. After that it works perfectly (of course, deleting that memory after doing that). Now I understand, when I was debugging , why the objects were destroyed but they still in the vector. Thx! :)