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What shall I learn next?

Recently completed my python course, I initially wanted to develop mobile apps but after seeing suggestions I decided to go for Python as it is most recommended for Beginners and can also be used for developing mobile applications but later came to know that it's not recommended and app becomes slow and large, but since half doing anything is Not good i completed python before going on any other language, Later I also came to know that for a beginner or atleast for me, C++ is better since it's very hard and clears all complex concepts so after learning it learning other languages will become very easy, but am confused what shall I do know, shall I learn something more about Python like Tkinter or Django and then Go for C++ or shall I learn Java or Kotlin directly instead of learning C++ . P.S: I am a school student and computer enthusiast, haven't decided a particular path till date.

6/25/2020 5:47:16 AM

Mouhurtik Ray

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It depends upon your wish whether you want to continue python or not or learn other languages. If you have completed python first it's normal that you will find other languages such as C++,C#,C and Java a little bit tough but you will get familiar with it. Each language has its own unique abilities If depends upon what you do: If you want to build games,then C# and C++ are recommended. If you want to make your own website,then learn web(html,css and javascript). If you are interested in ethical hacking,robotics,A.I then python is recommended. And if you want to build mobile games then Java is recommended.


No, not at all. Its not necessary to learn C++ to master Java.😀😄


Android development purpose you should learn Java then after koltin and xml



becoming familiar with searchbar could be next step. Just begin righ now and try to find an answer for your (often asked ) question.


At school i learned data structures and Algorithms with haskell , but really learned with C ( the hard way )


C++ and java are almost similar, you can 'master' java without learning c++.


Learn flutter with Dart Programming language. This is the best solution for you. You can build Android, IOS,Desktop and also Web app.


꧁༒Rishabh༒꧂ I want to Learn Android development but what am asking is that is it necessary or better to Learn C++ to Master Java ?