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Game development using pycharm

I want to be able to create an android game using pycharm but i don't understand any tutorial on YouTube, please is there any video or tutorial that anyone can recommend?

6/10/2020 11:45:42 AM

Ani Micheal

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Hello there, in simple terms Pycharm is a python IDE to code and work around, the output depends upon your code and is interpreted by Python interpreter installed in your machine, whichever IDE you use! - You may use Kivy or BeeWare for android app development or Tkinter, PyQt, or Kivy for desktop development, Kivy has many advantages including cross-platform compatibility! Tkinter example tutorials for newbies: - For creating 2D games with python, you can start with Pygame. Here is one of the best tutorials on pygame: - You can use libraries like Panda3D for 3D game development! You may also checkout some articles on writing efficient python codes as python's one of the main drawbacks is speed!


I'd recommend Pyglet instead of PyGame. It has a bigger community, it's more versatile and a few other advantages. It also supports 3D.