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Discussion about python and php.

I know many question here about it. Actually i see both language and my mind want both. i know you can't be mastar both. but when i choose one my mind say take another. (I know boths field, The best thing of phs is help in wordpress and got job (bcz weboress has large market.) and python has wide area. Data structure, machine learnig etc. How you choose it? what was your criteria when you take it.

6/8/2020 6:31:03 AM

Nahid Julfiker

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Nahid Julfiker First make yourself clear that you can't master both at the same time 😊 But surely you can complete them one after other Don't follow us,why we chose this language Learn those languages in which YOU ARE CAPABLE to understand the concepts easily Please don't ask an open ended question in QnA forum Such question is always welcomed in your activity feed Follow our Guidelines:- https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1316935/?ref=app HaPpY CoDiNg 🙂


Nahid Julfiker No need of sorry, it's a good question I think you are satisfied now, if not then ask


Ok. sorry


actually, i just want to know how people choose language. Thank you for information and valuable suggestion.