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Why isn't svelte ultra popular

I've done react, vue, and svelte and I think svelte blows them all out of the water by a long shot. Why isn't svelte more popular. Ps I think angular is so ugly that I can never get around to learning it

6/7/2020 3:17:07 AM

Zachiah sawyer

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It's catching up but as the other frameworks are backed up by giant corps it's slow. https://dev.to/nirlanka/will-svelte-ever-beat-the-giants-1ged


For enterprise software, the key aspect of choosing tech stack is NOT how convenient it is for developers. These things are supposed to work for years or possibly decades. The problem with these open source frameworks is, without substantial backing from major tech players, there is a high risk that the project may be abandoned at some point and there won't be sufficient support. Also it is much easier to find developers who already have experience with mainstream choices. So no matter how ingenious the runner-ups are, companies tend to play it safe and rather choose the popular option.


I guess svelte needs something like rails gave to ruby?