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how many times nikolay nechev sleep a day?

2/26/2017 6:33:54 AM


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@vahidst It's less than a minute per challenge 😁. The animations between the questions slow me down. 😃😃😃


Nikolay Nechev isn't a man, Nikolay Nechev is a crew :P


from his daily performance bar he won 310 times a few days ago. if each game with its rest time, approximately take 3 min, he must play 930 min or 15.5 hour in a day. if his daily task e.g eating bath buying and ... take 3 hours a day, he can't sleep more than 5.5 hours a day...


there is a team behind nikolay, some robot and some scientist ;) anyway, someone has more efficiency than we imagine


@vahidst each game don't need take 3 min, he don't need compute repeatly, just few seconds a round. but need add some declined and expired rounds, real round number more than 300


nikolay nechev, you lucky i haven't learned alot yet


Nikolay Nachev! Give me some of your EXP 😅


nikolay is from some other planet... he is a godamn machine


plz give me some advise how to improve coding part.