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What are the application of c++?


6/2/2020 6:28:21 AM

Kumari Shivangi

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Applications of C++ Mainly C++ Language is used for Develop Desktop application and system software. Some application of C++ language are given below. For Develop Graphical related application like computer and mobile games. To evaluate any kind of mathematical equation use C++ language. C++ Language are also used for design OS. Like window xp. Google also use C++ for Indexing Few parts of apple OS X are written in C++ programming language. Internet browser Firefox are written in C++ programming language All major applications of adobe systems are developed in C++ programming language. Like Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator and Adobe Premier. Some of the Google applications are also written in C++, including Google file system and Google Chromium. C++ are used for design database like MySQL.


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