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Snow animation. Question

Hello, Friends. Tell me please, how to make falling snow?

6/1/2020 11:12:43 PM

✨🥇Blokhin Roman🥇✨

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I've got zero knowledge in css and I literally don't know what you should change in the code but here's a theory on every falling objects which I think should be applied to the snow. 1. They all have an initial velocity 2. On every frame, add gravity which should be constant. 3. If snow touches the bottom of the screen, add friction and, reverse and reduce it's velocity This is a simple thing to do in javascript and your animation looks complex, I'll suggest you read this lesson( on WHEN Should I use canvas or svg


I have never tried this myself, and am usually annoyed with sites that use it, but your page seems more like art than content? A quick web search brought me to this page... maybe it will help your cause?


Mirielle , Code Crasher , thanks