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Do i have to be good at math?

Do i have to be good enough at mathematics to become a great web developer?? Is this must needed skill-set?? Please let me know ASAP... I want to become a great web / app developer in future... That's why i'm asking this question.... IT'S A SERIOUS Topic... I hope Senior Programmers will help me in this issue. Thanks in advance.. :) Stay Safe Everyone! I mean, If i'm going to learn C, C#, C++ & JAVA & need to have good understanding about ALGORITHM, DATA-STRUCTURE.... So, do i need to have good command at MATH to understand all of this stuffs ???

5/31/2020 7:54:42 PM


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Yes you have to be good in math 1. Algebra 2.linear programming 3.statics etc are needed



Well this question is asked a lot of times you can read similar posts, but still if you are curious to know the answer is No. No, because in the field of web dev there is basic arithmetic and algebra is required unless you are not going to develop web based games there is no neesd to be worry about math. A bonus tip you can always learn things on the go the specific math topics you find out necessary. One thing you can do is to learn Data Structures and Algorithms for implementing efficient solutions that what more important than to worry about math. To learn DS & Algorithms Algebra is enough unless you are not going into deep analysis of algorithms and study theoretically.


Unless you are not thinking about going into Data Science and Machine Learning like fields, your can work almost uninterruptedly if you don't know much mathematics.


Yes you must be because when you will go to learn dsa then there is requirement of good mathematics


These posts will help u


Okay, thanks for your answer! Brother :)


Why do i have to be good at those side???!!! To become a great programmer or just Web Developer? Mighty Coder