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Help needed working on a game like candy crush C++ OpenGL

Hello there, I am working on a university project of mine where i have to create a candy crush type game using openGL and C++. Currently i have done the GUI menus and just started working on the actual game starting from level design. I inplemented a way to generate random levels now Current condition : i am trying to establish a way to swap the gems by dragging the mouse through the gems. Problems faced: 1-In my code i made a function for swapping gems within which are few if else conditions in one case when the condition is true the compiler skips 2 lines of code where i am assigning coordinate values in a array. 2- I am looking for a idea/method for inplementing finding combinations as my current one is lacking a bit. I will keep updating the thread according to my progress and issues faced until project is completed.

29th May 2020, 9:49 PM
Muneeb Bhalli
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There are actually quite a few people here who can help. The problem is it's very difficult to collaborate on a C++ / OpenGL project using this app. It's even more challenging to collaborate on such a project without viewing the code or being able to run it or even debug it locally. Reading the "problems faced" from the question made me realize just how difficult it would be to help you without seeing the code. It's like giving directions to someone on the phone to come pick you up that goes like this: "Go to that one street by the big sign at the intersection. Look for a street with a street sign, turn there and keep going for a while until you see another street that will have a name with the word "Lane" or "Street" in it. Turn on that road, then call me again so I can tell you where to go next." Without context, these directions make no sense, much like trying to understand the code being described at a high level. I hope this makes sense.
30th May 2020, 4:13 AM
David Carroll
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