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To moderators ,plz do something about this

There seems to be problem. Whenever someone challenges me while i the app is already open, i get notifications. One is like a number comes over the play icon and another comes in the notifications section(bell icon). When I open the play section and accept the challenge and lose or win and then come the feeds section(home icon), i still see a number over that notifications icon(bell icon). When i open it it still shows the notification that I was challenged by someone. I think it should get updated when i play the challenge. Similar things happen when i challenge somebody else

5/29/2020 8:07:09 PM

Yash Jain

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Is your sololearn app updated?if not update it.


I know. I should have told this in the rating section of the play store. But I thought moderators' reports have more priority. Also when i give feedback in the play store the ask me to send a video which i was unable to send that's why I thought this way