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When will the Angular Compiler come in Sololearn

Becuase use stackBlitz takes too much time and it doesn't work on my old browser and new one lags too much and now a days i am using my sisters device to learn on stackBlitz So i want sololearn to make their own angular ide in Sololearn app Thnks

5/29/2020 6:21:34 PM


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u can mail this idea to sololearn for adding this send mail at [email protected]


you can use this CDNs. just place your CDN link in the head tag like this <script src="cdnjs_link_min.js"/>. also if you want to use anything specific for angular search here CDN for angular: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/angular.js/ where to search for more CDNs: https://cdnjs.com/ since it works for React.js, it should work for Angular also. try using the minified CDNs (those which end in min.js)


Sebastian Pacurar is right. Use the search bar in code playground to see some examples. You can use typescript too: https://code.sololearn.com/Wk5uzt62Lfa1/?ref=app


Abhay If you have suggestions for changes, you can always send them to [email protected]


Chris that would be impossible in terms of disk space. imagine how big the node_modules folder is. as far as i saw, in order to be able to write a code in a specific language, you will have a docker container started with all the necessities for the compiler/interpreter of your choice. the docker container is held on a virtual machine which lies in a microsoft azure cloud. if you want to use npx create-react-app, that would mean even more space taken just for the simple react boilerplate. also sololearn doesn't support multiple files in a code bit, which means package.json cannot be held anywhere to track the modules installed. for example you cannot use any external library in java, except for the utils one. what you can do instead, is to use CDNs regarding the modules you use for react. that's how i managed to use react on sololearn (including react-router-dom). this should apply to angular, vue, svelte, etc as well.


I agree with the idea of making a I DE for angular. In the process, is there anyway that we can get access to a CLA for react and for angular?


I mean a CLI, so we can practice with npm, yarn, and create-react-app...