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Using React Native, can I create android and iOS applications?

And if possible, what IDEs will you recommend to install on a pc to make this possible? David Carroll, Airree, Hatsy Rei, Alexander Klimov, GAWEN STEASY, John Wells

5/27/2020 6:53:55 PM


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I am currently going through Mosh Hamedani's free video on youtube on react-native. He shows you how to set up all the required software to develop for ios and android. I have a laptop with an AMD cpu though, so the android virtual device wouldn't work for me even though i tried some workarounds i found online. I am just using the web browser to go through the tutorial for the time being. But yes, you can totally use react-native to build ios and android apps.


Mofey My development teams use VS Code. I use both VS Code and phpStorm. While VS Code is more than sufficient, I tend to favor phpStorm. I personally believe phpStorm has much better debugging support for unit tests. Otherwise, they are very similar. That said, XCode and Apple SDK are required to build your iOS application. I personally use a Mac to do that. However, I know others who use VMs, Hackintoshes, and third party services to run their builds remotely. I've just not personally had experience with these other methods. Hope this helps. UPDATE: Expo might be worth looking into: - -


if Windows VScode, Mac - Xcode, but it’s better to test which one is more convenient for you and your PC


VS Code works on Mac as well. XCode is needed just for the build step.


Yes it did, thank you David Carroll


Thank you for that answer Nathan Stanley