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Any Pro Membership holders here?

Good day, I was simply wondering if SoloLearn Pro is worth your investment or not. What attributes are beneficial to you? What do you like most? What are some cons, or disadvantages does it have? Thank you for your time!

5/27/2020 4:23:54 PM

Danny Phantom

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The courses are now free for all now. If you still see Pro marks on them, clear the app's cache. Code Coach is an excellent method of practicing so having access to them all is the only benefit really worth the price. The others are nice to have, but you do not need them.


I believe it is permanent. They have a new marketing manager. I think it was his doing based on conversations with senior moderators. Having Pro for those courses conflicted with their "Learn for Free" concept.


Aside from whatever additional benefits it provides, supporting SoloLearn is in everyone's best interest. If you enjoy the content and updates SoloLearn releases, and you have income to spare, why not help them out? I don't mean the OP specifically but users in general.


Hello, I'm not a paid user, but I don't think that will limit me to answer you. The advantages that you have as a paid user, is that you can see who visits your profile, and access courses such as machine learning, data scientist with python, angular and react. You also have access to all the code trainers (only 25 are free). I think nothing else escapes me. Welcome and have a good coding.


I have noticed that, do you know what the reason for that release is, or if it will be permanent?