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Is Git required for a programmer??

5/26/2020 8:02:35 PM

Juan Esteban Perdomo Santos

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Martin Taylor It sounds like you've responded to a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about git (the locally installed command line tool) and Github (the hosted online service that provides git functionality as well as additional features). 😉 Juan Perdomo It depends on whether or not the open source projects or software development teams you join are using git as the VCS of choice. If you do end up working with git, the odds are high that you'll end up working with Github, BitBucket, or GitLab as the highly popular hosted services used for managing git repos. While I've worked extensively with a number of different VCSs since the late 90s, the most commonly used on my enterprise consulting projects, product development teams, or small side projects over the past few years have been git and svn. From my anecdotal observations, new projects I'm involved with, monitoring, tracking, or using have been trending strongly towards git over svn.


As is often the case here on SoloLearn inexperienced developers who have limited knowledge and experience will often repeat misconceptions, albeit with good intentions. It is not true that almost all programmers use git and it is not true that you need git, or GitHub, to distribute your source code. It is also not the case that git is the best or only version control solution in current use.


Git is a distributed revision control system. It is usually a good idea to use a revision control system for any software project, other than trivial code. Whether you need a distributed revision control system will depend on the project management model you choose. It is possible to use other types of revision control systems other than git. For example, rcs, cvs, svn, mercurial (hg), and fossil; to name just a few of the open source revision control systems. There are also a number of commercial, closed source, revision control systems in use. See if you don't know the difference between a distributed version control system and a centralised version control system then please read.... Please note also that GitHub is not git. You can use git without using GitHub. Due to the vast amount of software that is maintained by version control systems other than git it is worth knowing about them too.


Tom Joney (TheCoder) (Git is not GitHub)


Thanks TheCoder and sajid


Juan Perdomo If your working with a team its very important. Because, almost all progammers use it to save their projects and commit changes. Plus it's way too easy to learn git, so why not?