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Why I can't solve a probleme with functions ?

I try to solve a probleme by create a function and call it for every test case but i get the same output for all test case !! How can I fix this please ? https://code.sololearn.com/cVNuy85ja8af/?ref=app

5/25/2020 1:03:54 AM

Hisham SH 🇲🇦

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Hisham SH 🇲🇦 Plz link your stuff here so that ppl can help you with that instead of guessing it


Hisham SH 🇲🇦 Give me an example of sample input & output, I've not found any mistakes in this


I think that u didn't get me When i test the code for one test case i get the right output but how can i test all of them ? Anyway i solved the problem witv the input function


Hisham SH 🇲🇦 Good Luck 👍