There's all these people asking questions that are easily solvable with a stackoverflow search. Is it fine if I redirect them?

So, I'm seeing a lot of threads that are about people who want to know information about how to do a specific thing. Now, as much as I want the sololearn discussions to grow larger, it isn't always the best source for these kinds of questions. I want your thought if wheter or not I sould simply send them a link with a thread identical to their question, that has the answer they're looking for. So, thoughts?

5/23/2020 6:36:22 AM

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Well the people here are usually absolute beginners and english is not the first language of many of them so I cut them some slack. And try to answer in simple english. StackOverflow can be a bit unhelpful in that regard. However, if the OP has shown a decent level of english proficiency, and I find a fitting answer on SO, then I will pass the link along, sure.


Hi, generally yes. But please keep in mind, that we have young and unexperienced user. Stackoverflow is a platform for experienced coder( in my personal opinion ) . So a precheck if the answer can be understood would be nice. For advanced questions a Stackoverflow is normally a welcome contribution.


Yes it's fine.


@Oma Falk So you're basically saying SoloLearn is not suited for more complicated and in-depth questions?


Most at times I redirect them to stackoverflow


We need help of experienced pips