Question: What do you understand by maintaining and updating a computer program?

5/21/2020 5:10:41 PM

Liam Zacharski

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Liam Zacharski Um... Quite a lot? Maybe... I think? 🤔 This question is a bit general and vague. It's kind of like asking: What do you understand by maintaining and fixing a car. Where does one even begin? I wouldn't even know if you were looking for something specific and any answer I attempted to post was completely out in left field. 🤷‍♂️ My advice is to provide some context on what you're asking. It's unclear what the purpose of this question is. Knowing that might help with providing an answer. Like... are you considering an opportunity to join a company in a development support role? Are you trying to settle a debate between two buddies where one is claiming to be a hacker because he does patch fixes on production releases? Did you read an article about a specific set of skills that seem to be too advanced for someone who maintains and updates software? Remember, context helps with any question. Especially in any technical field.


David Carroll um, how is it vague? My friend got an internship at Tesla, it was one of the questions they asked him he told me. So, how would you respond to that? I just asked an interview question 😄


Martin Taylor I'm a freshman at A&M so I asked a question that my friend asked me, he got an internship at Tesla. I started programming not too long ago, I have a good idea of what to respond if it were asked to me. I just wanted to hear your thoughts?...


Don't take the question out of context, all I really wanted was to hear your thoughts that's all. And yes it is an interview question. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


it tells that maintaing the security of the program and getting new features in that


Sounds like an interview question to me. Strangely enough you posted asking for interview questions too. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2306626/question-what-are-some-programming-interview-questions If you don't know the answer to this question you are not ready to apply for a programming position.