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about c

if we learn c++ then we write the program in c


5/20/2020 5:13:19 PM

Akansha Verma

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Actually C is Basic Language and C++ is derived from C. C++ would be having such codes which are not applicable in C . Try to avoid mixing of C and C++ as both have different Syntax.


C++ is a superset of C. There are things that can be done in C++ that cannot be done in C.


C ++ is an extension of C. It is the C with more features and functions. And the main difference is that C ++ is multi-paradigm: you can program in C ++ with the Structured paradigm (C is only structured) or with the Object Orientation paradigm (like the Java language, for example).


C is the programming language that is preffered after Qbasic ( a programming language ) and before any OOPS (Object Oriented Prog.) like Java, C++, C#, etc. C is preffered because it is strongly typed ( means if you have to declare integer variable you should use 'int' and so on). This feature of C improves keyword and variable declaration knowledge in beginners.


You can write C++ using C abilities(functions and etc.). And also C++ is OOP when C is only procedure language. Historicaly C++ is the evolution of C. So you decide what to use : a stone hummer, or steel hummer. Something like that I guess.