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What am I supposed to do with challenges? I am stuck between first and second test: when I print the first solution, second test fails and vice versa. Give me a hint, please

5/18/2020 4:44:25 AM

Mario Leofreddi

6 Answers

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You're trying to print the answer??


Mario Leofreddi I am confusing. Will you put the complete question or your stuff here so that people can help you in a better way


What challenge are you trying?


Sorry. I just thought was QA about the general working of sololearn parts. I applied some day ago and still understanding how it works. Sorry again


Well, literally we can't unless you share the question with us. The question yoi askes is thought to be inappropriate for sololearn. Please follow the community rules while posting and read the guidelines carefully.


Just the first one about column. I print(col[:,0] and have the right result for the first test but it doesn't match with second. Then I add a line of code but with the right solution for the second I get the error from the first one.