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False==false or true

The answer is true how does this work

5/17/2020 6:38:45 PM

Hubert Richardo

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Hubert Richardo 1or 0 =1 0 or 1=1 0 or 0=0 1or1=1 false==false is true true or true is true


RAJESH SAHU yes. But if you write false as a variable, in any case False or True =True, 0 or 1=1 BUT if the true it is not True and true is variable, then i need its means, couse answer you later:) AND author don't write about python, my dear teacher :))


It's all because of the operators precedence.. because comparison operator(==) is evaluating first and then "or" operator .. So, ⏺️False==false or true ⏺️False or true Now, "or" operator returns the first True value so ⏺️False or true true


Petr python is a case sensitive language so False==false will return False not True..