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What after Laravel

I know php, javascript, HTML, CSS and currently learning laravel so please tell me what should I learn after laravel to improve my programming knowledge and skills that it will be easy for me to get a job. Which kind of a job I can get with that knowledge because I don't know about what are these job related positions in programming field, what will be my position/role in a company if I get a job.

5/17/2020 1:31:06 PM


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To succeed at job hunting, you need to be able to demonstrate your programming skills. With the languages you listed, you are almost set to become a full stack web developer. Make sure you also learn about databases, study SQL and NOSQL. Then you should be able to create a complex dynamic website. Try building a project of your own, that you can showcase in your resume. For example an e-commerce portal (webshop). Even if its a fictional one, you can learn a lot by putting everything you have learned together, into a coherent system. Learn how to deploy it in a production web server. And learn git, in case you need to work in a dev team you'll need to know about version control.


MongoDB is a popular choice for example.


Your options are endless :) you can build anything you want.. A currency converter, a forum, a website to keep track of your collection of [hobbies / books / programming skill / anything], a to-do or shopping list app... Seriously I recommend that you make something that you personally find useful and might benefit your daily life, or your studies or your carreer. That can give you some motivation to actually finish the project and make it as good as possible.


Tibor Santa I know MySQL, which NoSQL database should I learn?


Tibor Santa and what are my options if I don't want to develop ecommerce site, I mean which other type of sites can a beginner like me make?