Another doubt 🤷(this one I have just started so don't have a code ) | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Another doubt 🤷(this one I have just started so don't have a code )

Write a program to prompt for a score between 0.0 and 1.0. If the score is out of range, print an error. If the score is between 0.0 and 1.0, print a grade using the following table: Score Grade >= 0.9 A >= 0.8 B >= 0.7 C >= 0.6 D < 0.6 F If the user enters a value out of range, print a suitable error message and exit. For the test, enter a score of 0.85.

5/17/2020 8:18:06 AM

prasad jagdale

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prasad jagdale Ur ans


prasad jagdale even the worsest start is better than none. After getting input just check if grade is A. As a beginner just do ONE aspect. Understanding will come with coding.


Hi prasad jagdale no one has a code for a new problem, you have to write one. So please do it and come back. You just need an if else ladder.


Fun fact: the Python documentation of the bisect function has a sample code for the exact same problem. :) However if you are a beginner, you should come up with a simpler solution on your own.


a case for if....elif


Ok Avinesh will paste here in sometime .


Okay Tibor santa , Indeed I am a beginner and will try to come up with a simpler code .


Thanks a lot Abhay bro