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Can anyone tell me the difference between server and webserver

Why we want to use server and where is the server every webapp need server to manage

5/14/2020 3:19:58 PM

Vijayameena Kannan

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by definition a server is any device that provides a service... a router is considered a server in technology terms. there is also the concept of a local server that could be a device running a daemon that provides a service to the local machine or other directly connected nodes (it does not have to be ethernet) that provides a timing service or provides some data communication such as control bits to a logic controller. The Internet has many types of services. Web servers provide one type of service, but as Martin Taylor points out, a web server can function in multiple roles and have multiple instances of the same service.


@𝐊𝐢𝐢𝐛𝐨 𝐆𝐡𝐚𝐲𝐚𝐥 Why do you believe web servers only support Serverlets and JSP? What about cgi, asp and everything else? A server is a generic term which also encompasses web servers. The term web server is a specific type of server as are, file servers, ftp servers, PXE servers, email servers etc. A single machine can host multiple servers of various types if the load is not too great. In fact this is how shared hosting works. The load a server places on the hardware depends on the demand. Stating that a server is heavier on resources than a web server is just untrue. I'm absolutely certain that Google's web servers have a much bigger footprint than my local file server. Just as an example I'm running a web server and an ftp server on my local network on an obsolete WM8650 netbook with 256 MB of ram and a 1 GB usb stick plugged into it. Servers don't need to be monsters they just need to meet the demand placed on them.


Vijayameena Kannan Server vs Web Server 1. Server supports distributed transaction and EJB. While Web Server only supports Servlets and JSP. 2. Server can contain web server in them. most of App server e.g. JBoss or WAS has Servlet and JSP container. 3. Though its not limited to Server but they used to provide services like Connection pooling, Transaction management, messaging, clustering, load balancing and persistence. Now Apache tomcat also provides connection pooling. 4. In terms of logical difference between web server and application server. web server is supposed to provide http protocol level service while application server provides support to web service and expose business level service e.g. EJB. 5. server are more heavy than web server in terms of resource utilization.