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How to open java project in eclipse

Hi I am from c++ and new to java. I started eclipse exe and it asked me workspace path... After closing eclipse, I am confused from where to start again? I just went to eclipse exe and it opened workspace. Another option I know is from file->import. What I am looking for is to open java project in eclipse without starting from eclipse.exe...... Once we create visual studio solution project for C++, we can open it by clicking .sln file which opens visual studio with desired project..... Is such mechanism there for java project or one has to start it by executing eclipse.exe only ?

5/12/2020 6:22:17 PM

Ketan Lalcheta

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I doubt if there is something similar in Eclipse. You need to either import it or create a new project.


I have never been in that position where I had to open a project outside Eclipse since I only created all projects and class from Eclipse. I'm not sure and have to look up on the 1st case. But the 2nd one can be surely done.


If this is so, then If someone share java workspace folder with me , I can't have some file by clicking on which I can directly open project contained in workspace into eclipse ? What I can do is to only locate eclipse.exe in my system and then select someone else's workspace path?