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How to master javascript....


5/5/2020 6:07:38 AM


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All you need to do is practice a lot and keep learning from different places. Explore some sites, books or maybe YouTube videos. Here are some valuable resources


There is no such magic thing you can do to become a master in Javascript. And the answer for your question will not differ from an answer for a question about mastering Java or C++ or other programming languages. You have to learn it, you have to read and try and practice. Practicing is a extremly important, but at the same time, you cannot get the best of it by just applying simple tasks you find in tutorials and books. To truly master a programming language you need a long period where you are actually working in a company or real projects with this language, the thing that makes you face real life problems which you will not find in books.


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To master not only js but also programming generally you should master math first