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What should I call my programming language?

I was watching the terminator and i loved it but I want to call it something related to the movie.

2/21/2017 8:34:12 PM


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What is your programming language about? I suggest myTerm ^^


Better movie, better cyborgs, better name ^^


Name: Term-O Written In: Ruby / Python Suggestions -Object Oriented -No identation rules -No brackets, semicolons, curly brackets -Focused on speed and uses -Android platform -Iterators, Hashes, Functions -Used mostly on games/apps


Big goals, dude! Without a laptop... But some of the greatest idea didn't need a laptop to arise, so - go for it ^^


I can help you when you want lol, I want that Term-O syntax like: x: #Declare variable in(x) #User Input out("The number you entered is {x}") #Print for x = in::x < 10:: x++ #For statement break if x == 10 #break out(x) #Print fin #Shortcut to finish fin #Shorcut to finish




non existing I know dumb but im gonna make it soon because I don't have a laptop yet.


the one that gets 10 likes is the programming language name


the name is myTerm of the future proggramming language and it was chosen of highest likes and it was never gonna reach 10 in ten years


great atie breaker