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Which tool is best for designing purpose?

Actually, I want to start using and learning a tool for designing purpose. 1) Axure 2) Adobe comb 3) Adobe XD

4/27/2020 10:06:56 AM

bharti parmar

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Martin Taylor Ok, thank you so much. 👍


The most flexible tool I've ever come across for design work is capable of designing software, 3d models, woodworking projects, electrical schematic diagrams, and a host of other projects. It uses no power while in use and is biodegradable. It's called a pencil. I would recommend getting the advanced accessory the notepad to go with it as this saves you from carrying napkins arround. Never underestimate low tech solutions.


Martin Taylor I know but, I am asking for visually design a web page. Actually, I have to work on any one of them. They said that I can use any tool, its upon me. But, I never used any of them tool for designing and all. That's why I am asking which tool i should use. which tool I can use easily and move forward to work on the same.


Adobe comp and Adobe XP are both free, I believe. So just download them and see which one suits your needs. Axure has a free 30 day trial you can download and try. Nobody can tell you which tool will suit you. What one person finds intuitive another may find confusing. That's why there are so many different tools available. Give me a pencil and a notepad any day - but I'm an old fossil. It's still useful for rough notes and outlines that can then be expaned upon in the above tools.