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Does even a web front-end developer have to be able to operate Linux?

I've never touched that pitch-black screen before, so I can't imagine what it's used for.

4/26/2020 1:48:46 AM


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Frankly speaking, If someone has not seen or know their way around a terminal I wouldn't consider them a developer. They may be interns, junior devs maybe designers but not developers. With that out of the way, let's talk about Git. Calviղ Thank you for bringing up Git. it's exactly true most of the time people are exposed to terminals first time due to Git. And there are many GUI tools like. 1. Sourcetree - Pretty neat UI, makes, switching , stashing, push-pulls easy. 2. TortoiseGit - Best revision graph and diff tool. But things like interactive rebase , revert, reset gets complicated or impossible through GUI so one must know terminal. Another reason to encounter terminals is when team follows Infrastructure as a Code practices and do development in cloud environment where mostly linux images are used to keep cost low. If you don't know terminal I highly suggest make it your friend, it ll bump up your XP like crazy.


Generally, no, for front end the operating system isn't as important as the browser. If you know Linux, however, you can get yourself an impressive skill that employers like ;)


Code Crasher Thanks for sharing your insight 😀 "I have co-workers doing the same job that scream while running away from it. They want a mouse" This part cracked me up 😂😂😂 You know I was the opposite, I remember using mouse only while browsing on my Ubuntu OS and used to hate windows ( I still try to hate it, but it's a necessity if you are working with others 😒 ) But after working 1.5 years on windows I have made my peace with it. Learning powershell was the first step towards that peace treaty 😎 Definitely check out my 2018 post back then. While looking for this 👆post I also found one more helping post suggesting using terminals in daily development.


Morpheus your points are extremely valid for seasoned developers, but I have to admit in my experience working with literally 1000s (yes three zeros), my experience has seen a lot of developers (especially start-ups that do not host their own content) rarely even have permissions to drop to a shell. I too, question the knowledge level of such individuals, but I have seen some very functional websites from folks that in some cases have difficulty navigating directory trees. efficient?... no! but everyone has to start somewhere and there is no question any job in IT requires learning multiple disciplines to stay in the field, but timing may play a bigger role than some of us want to admit? I personally could not function without a terminal, but I have co-workers doing the same job that scream while running away from it. They want a mouse. 😳


I should mention that my thought process applies to web environments, I would expect god-like terminal skills from a C-variant programmer, especially doing any driver or lower layer development. 😉


Git does not need to be used with bash. Please don't spread disinformation. Git not only has native Windows 32 and 64 bit binaries it also has a GUI client so you don't even need to use the command prompt. See...


Morpheus Amen and Amen!!! I have been around before mice (or touch screens [gasp]), so I am very comfortable at a command line, but most of my peers are 1/3 to half my age, so using only a keyboard as input is like having a TV without a remote... "how do you change the channel?". The price of progress?! 😳


I started writing HTML on an Amiga... I would venture to say not a lot of people even know about that platform. There were not many GUI tools available then, just text editors and shell accounts to manage websites. Today none of the jumping thru hoops is necessary. Take it one step at a time and you will eventually learn what you need. If you work in a linux environment it would be helpful to know, but in a hosted or large enough working environment you will have admins handling permissions and have a web console to manage your code.


Not linux ...but you may need to work with bash and git..


IMO, is worth to learn to use pitch black screen called terminal or command line in windows. If you want to test using node and other command line tools


Window user web developers should learn some simple linux commands like ls, mkdir, mv, cp, pwd, etc.. You would understand why you need these linux commands, once you start to use git commands, which is a must learn vision control tool for all developers. Git is installed with git bash, which is a emulated linux terminal. Git is best run on linux environment. With git bash, it would enable Window users run git and linux commands there.


No not need of operate linus


Of course no. Linux just OS like Windows. You can use Linux GUI version rather than terminal version.


it would certainly help... I started using linux absolutely clueless but you will find you start to learn bash and so on in no time


Linux is the best friend of a developer


You can be a front-end developer without using the Linux system. If you are a front-end developer with multiple platforms and systems, this increases the outcome of your knowledge and skill.


Mostly you need to increase your skill on several platforms if you are a desktop application developer


If you are in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, yes.


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