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how many built-in functions in c++?

I thought knowing all built-in functions is helpful to be good coder in c++! What do you think you too? Share me your helpful ideas on comments below!

4/15/2020 3:05:24 PM


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First of all congratulations on having the dedication to learn about the standard libraries. In order to use C++ effectively it is essential to learn about the standard libraries. It is not necessary to memorize everything. However, it is good to take a look at the standard headers and be aware of what is already there. This way when you later come across a coding problem you know where to look. Two of my favourite online references are...


There are many built in functions, list is very long , lets start with cout , cin ,gets , puts , ......... Under iostream.h header file. Then getchar , putchar , toupper , tolower , ....... Under ctype.h Then strchr, strlen, strcat, strcpy , ......... under String.h Then log , abs, fbs, ceil floor sqrt, pow , sin ,cos ,sinh , asin ,....... Under math.h Then system, clrscr, ....... Under conio.h These are most general function we use ,still these are less , we can have many more function but they are rarely used..... Similarly many more Below provided links may help you somewhat