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Why most programmers use two or more monitors?

Why most programmers use two or more monitors? Edit:Thanks for the answers everyone :)

4/14/2020 4:20:40 PM

Ayush Dwivedi 🇮🇳

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Thanks for the answers everyone :)


More screen real estate means more focus on what I am doing. I can see more with less scrolling. If I have multiple windows opens, which is always, I don't have to switch between them as often with two screens.


I'd rather chew my own arm off than program using a smart phone! A 10" tablet with a full size wireless keyboard is as much pain as I will tolerate. Just trying to place the cursor accurately to correct pintf() to printf() is enough to drive you mad. Given that my wife's smartphone cost more than my son's gaming laptop I have to question why some people won't buy a cheap mobile and a decent laptop if they wish to code. My phone sends texts and I can make calls with it. It cost about 10 dollars and only needs charging once every two weeks.


A J how is this off-topic question though? 😂 A beginner might get confused with all the Hollywood movies and ask


2 or more monitors allow you to switch windows as rare as possible, because everything you need is already on the screens. Most of the time I have a code editor and a chat on the first screen and a browser on the second one.


ihshu I applaud your patience and determination!


I use only one since I'm very beginner at it 👀😂 I think it helps to look up for things easily? I sometimes use my monitor to code and keep my phone to look for syntaxes and stuff. Also if someone codes in an extensive level, he might use a couple of monitors for the ease of analyzing stuff


You got your terminal on one, IDE on the other, profiler on the next one, and so on. Productivity adds up over time instead of just using alt-tab a bunch.


Code editor on first, IDE on second, CCTV on third, ping monitors on fourth, video game on fifth, latest marvel on sixth, SL forum on seventh, Music player on eighth, GIMP on ninth, movie editor on tenth, Word processor on eleventh, Presentation editor on twelfth, Spreadsheet editor on thirteenth, remote desktop on fourteenth, antivirus on fifteenth. Finally, I feel contented with my productivity level 🤓


Are you sure when you say "most programmers"? There are a lot of people out there working with not just 1 monitor, but also a small device (laptop). Especially when they're just getting started. It's fine if the company they work for can afford multiple monitors for each coder, but not many companies can/will. It depends also on what they do and hardware support maybe. But I doubt most programmers actually use multi monitors.


You can't easily code lying on your couch though. 😁


If I wanted to code on the couch I would just use my laptop. However, it seems inefficient to do so while lying down.


Thanks you for that question, very useful! Jayne 🐱 btw - I agree, I don't think it's off topic!🤔🤔


I use sololearn on my phone. But whenever I use it on my laptop, I like to have the sololearn website running on the laptop's display and an IDE on my a monitor. I copy and paste practice codes and then play with them in the IDE.


We can't know for sure if most programmers use two or more monitors. We don't have the statistics to accurately measure that. However, personally I have seen a couple of programmers use two or more screens and when I asked them why they told me that it gives them some sort of clarity without having to scroll up and down the page on one screen alone.


Seriously speaking, if you do any form of editing, design or coding that requires working with two or more documents or software, and you haven't tried two monitors(displays) before, I will recommend that you try it. There are some apps that can also help divide one display into many virtual monitors in case you have a large display.


For example, i use visual studio code, a terminal, some google, a window with archive xplorer (right now im generating something) smtimes i generate interfaces, need pdfs to read some info... as you see, all in one screen is crazy


For the ones who use three monitors. The first one is for coding, the second one is for research and the third one is for software testing.


Code lines gradually increase as u start 2 code real stuff.. And so does the number of platforms such as formatting ,styling, programming and database )- for adding more functionality to your stuff. Hence, u need to focus on multiple factors(code) while coding . eg. Might need during the function calling....


2 screens for me is good because I use one for my code and the other for test, command line and internet researches