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Internet of things IoT

It is predicted that for the rellaty of IoT to become ture 50 billion devices need to connect to one another. If this happens what will come next?

4/11/2020 10:03:45 PM

Abz Responsible

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Never heard of that. Where is that rumor coming from? 50 billion is a big number. Maybe is just an approximate number of existing IOT devices. No specific number is required though. What is IOT? Basically a bunch gizmos you can hook on a network. Gizmos can be home security apparatus, light bulbs, switches, cameras, heat sensors, water sensors. In non residential buildings these IOT devices are lots more common. How many light bulbs is there in a university or sky scraper? Lots. Some towns have meters that automatically report electricity, gaz or water usage of every individual citizen households, in real time. That could be IOT gizmos also.


You can add many more to that subcategory including air conditioning, celling fans, coffee maker and carbon monoxide (CO) detector. .