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is react native good?

is it worth learning react native or not? I know Javascript good enough and have some basic knowledge of node js and npm is it a good option to start learning react native? if so, what is the correct path and the best sources to refer to???

4/10/2020 8:08:11 PM

Amir Yeganeh

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It's worth at least to try it. It doesn't take much time to learn it for JavaScript developers. There are a lot of fresh tutorials on YouTube. So, it is very easy to start. If you want more - check out the official documentation.


Here is some useful resources : • Creating mobile app with React Native — • •


Amir Yeganeh Of course, it is required to know React.


Amir Yeganeh 👍you are welcome buddy 😊 Happy SoloLearning!🍻 Also, check out this one : • • and there's more useful resources by @Gordon 🍻🍻 but I can't find them... maybe he'll find them😉


To learn anything would be worthy...Because your knowledge can use anywhere anytime.. Knowledge is your weapon keep learning..


Igor Makarsky thank you for the reply🙏 by the way, do I need to know react js before starting react native?


Danijel Ivanović thanks a lot 💚


Before learning this you explore this fully .before this you watch some useful videos on this.


Akshita Patel thanks bro👌