Could I make a CONVERSATIONAL JS chat bot this way...?

A chat bot using if() statements and switch() statements. So I literally output the bot’s response using if() and switch(). Besides things that I can use keywords for like this... Example: user: Tell me a good joke; goodJokes = [“what do you ca..”, “blue is green”, “why did the chic...”]; if UserInput includes(“Tell” “good” + “jokes”){ pickRandom(goodJokes) } Using if() I can look for keywords and things like that. And switch() for absolute answers. CONTINUED IN ANSWERS... I’m over the character count

4/5/2020 5:58:04 AM


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My real questuon is... What would my code look like...? do u think it would be long as a dictionary ... or meh not that long? Do you have any tips on this to make it simpler or shorter code? or, umm should I even try this, or does it sound pointless because it won’t work? — CONVERSATIONAL chat bot with js.