Do actual programmers keep all this stuff in your head all the time or do you have cheat sheets you refer to? :D | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Do actual programmers keep all this stuff in your head all the time or do you have cheat sheets you refer to? :D


4/4/2020 1:56:41 AM

incandrcahedron x

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You always keep searching for what you want. It would be ridiculous to just memorize the code. All you have to do is understand the concept, practice for few times, and move on. When you need it again, use google or any other search engine to remind you of it.


Even the most experienced programmers forget things. The key is to practice a lot and you will sooner or later be able to “remember” the concepts.


You keep the language semantics and syntax pretty much in your head like it's muscle memory. Same goes for design patterns and frameworks you are working with at the moment. The rest you can write from scratch or do a quick search to recall something that isn't fresh in your head. Eventually, you will begin to anticipate how something works in a new language or framework which speeds things up as well. Still yet, it all looks seamless to people observing. Just keep practicing until it starts to feel natural.


Cheat sheets are good to have. As technologies are constantly upgrading you can't remember all the things. Learning how to research or googling is most important skill you can have. Learn how to use documentation because it is the most updated material you will find on the web.


Being able to search fast and knowing where to look for is essential for every programmer. Also lots of practice always helps.


I probably use google once every five minutes while at work.


Remember A noob searches "how to print hello world" A pro searches "how to print hello world" Hope you understand 😉You just have to understand the concept and other things will come automatically to you from internet.


An experienced programmer will know that anything not practiced on current project is eventually forgotten. This is why code is documented, and how-to blogs are written, so that it is possible to go back to prior knowledge when needed.


My father has been a programmer and data analyst for the past 30 years, and he forgets things sometimes, but he has like 10 years worth of notes he looks back at to review when looking for new jobs.


first i get a simple idea in my head nothing really complex. than i use my books but most of the time google to get the real solution.


For me I always go back to my saved old projects, for instance the other day wanted to import text file into the browser. But, I just forgot to write the right code, so headed to my old projects and the code was there! So, never bin your codes even if they are wrong. And I believe most programmers do it this way.


The basics you keep in mind, but if it is going more in detail, you always have to look up.


Most keep the semantics, structure and frequently used code in there head much like someone that plays. Musical instrument remembers sheet music and location of the keys string such and programmers usually look at git repositories and stack overflow for most eedheirecords their coding needs along with asking colleagues and referwnce books


I'm not sure you can still remember all matters you've memorized some days, weeks, months and years ago let alone these codes but once you understand the technicalities involved and put them in constant practice over time, they become part of you. However you still need to continue researching when the case arises. The internet is a great resource. Thanks


"A noob searches "how to print hello world A pro searches "how to print hello world" - by Shroud I've always know that I am a pro... But what about those who's searching for how to turn on a computer. From now on I know that they are operating system developers.


Better and Effective way is to understand the concept first. then do some practice, this will clear the concept. try to enhance something in it. and move on.


Some do remember all those stuff but its because they used to practice every now and then. So the goal to master this stuff is to practice every day if possible plus going through archives with relevant solutions as you'll be able to expand your knowledge.


I keep some of it in my head, but I often have to go back to the lesson.


Mmmm.... Both


I love this question and I have gained a lot from the answers as a beginner I used to be surprised how do people put everything in head without forgetting it