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Hallo helpers I have a question. I'm absolute new with programming and I was wondering. I want to learn 1 language (Python) so that I can use it very good. But I see some people, like they know 5 or more languages and I was curious: when you really start working as a developer, is it like you use multiple languages at the same time? And can you have 1 project with only using Python? Or is it in the real world that you should know more languages so you can actually work as a developer? I'm curious about how it is to actually work with the languages in the real world. If someone already asked this question, I would be thankfull if you place the link bellow. :) Thanks for all the information and stay healthy :)

4/2/2020 6:27:29 PM


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Focus on learning one at a time, then trying to understand the others will be easier.


I suggest trying on Python first because without having even just a glance of it, you can't understand other programming languages.


It depends a lot on what you want to do. You can definitely write useful programs only using Python, either text-based or as desktop applications, using tkinter. For other tasks, you'll need more, like HTML, CSS and Javascript as a minimum for web coding. If you do it professionally, you'll likely know quite a lot of languages to a degree. Don't worry, only the first one is hardish, every next one is easier. ;-)


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP are some languages used in Web design. Java, Swift, Kotlin, C# are used in mobile app development. Java, Python are the most common backend programming languages. For quering databases SQL is used. Real world projects usually involve more than one of these languages. It depends on what type of project you work. Python is a good language to start learning programming. Once you get good with it, it's easy to learn other languages.