I want to clear my basics in C & Master it perfectly so I will not have any dout in C, Can anyone tell me how can I learn it❓

3/31/2020 1:57:54 PM

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As far as beginner is concerned I would suggest that you should have regular practice,, First Learn from the below website..learn all syntax https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/c-programming-language/ In the same website there are more collections of mcq ,,,.try to solve them..... solving mcq makes you strong at basics. And after this try to practice coding... https://www.w3resource.com/c-programming-exercises/ Try to solve by Ur own...



Also tutorial point is the good one option https://www.tutorialspoint.com/index.htm




If you understand Hindi, you should definitely watch MysirG YouTube channel there you will find C programming video playlist. They are really helpful and easy to understand.


Geeksforgeeks website is the good one it has really really amazing content i also studied from there